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Welcome to the new
by "ZoominHuman" !

With MaxTrax 1/64 scale racetracks you get continuous rail like smoothness and performance with the flexibility of buying track in pieces. Track pieces that are solid 4 or 6 lanes with built-in shoulders inside and out, and a more true to scale lane spacing that allows all cars to race side by side around the entire track without squeezing the car next to you and bumping it and your car off the track. Purchase Maxtrax a piece at a time or a complete track.  Browse though the example track pages for ideas of what kind of layouts you can make and give us a call today.

With MaxTrax the layout choices are yours!

If you are a current enthusiast looking to upgrade your track, MaxTrax is designed to fit on your existing table using your current controller setup and power supply.
Just starting out or returning to the hobby, let us be your track of choice.

MaxTrax will give you: maximum competition, maximum speed, and best of all maximum fun.

Ideal for Home, Club, or Commercial Tracks


An example of a 4x8 roadcourse converted to an oval
and then back to a roadcourse with the new squiggle straights